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Our Team

  • George Chevalier President & Owner

    George Chevalier has led the company since he joined his father in 1968, after studying photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His vision of combining great design with technological innovation has become the hallmark of Sales Graphics’ work.

  • Paul Shapiro Creative Strategy

    With a background in theater and film and an MBA from NYU, Paul Shapiro works to combine great storytelling and a clear business message in every presentation. He is currently the CEO of CustomShow, Inc., the leader in Enterprise Presentation Software.

  • Keith Wofford Art Director

    Keith Wofford earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, attended Davidson College, and studied photography at the Center for the Media Arts in New York. Interests include visual arts, cinema, and bicycle touring.

  • Tyler Bertram Art Director

    Tyler Bertram started working at Sales Graphics as an intern right after graduating from Washington University. In addition to bringing the “wow” to presentations, Tyler also enjoys competitive cycling.

  • Ted Chevalier Designer

    Ted Chevalier earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from the School of Visual Arts, with a minor in motion graphics. Some of his interests include film, cooking, and swimming.

  • Jed Chevalier Project Manager

    Jed Chevalier is a graduate of Bentley College, where he majored in Marketing with a minor in Management. Jed believes that strong client relationships are the key to successful project management. He is interested in cars, watches, music and classic industrial design. His favorite font is Countdown.

  • Kara O’Connell Senior Producer

    Kara O’connell received her MFA in digital art and animation from Pratt Institute. She has an extensive background in film and broadcast design and is an adjunct professor at CUNY. In her spare time she can be found practicing traditional Chinese Kung Fu.