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Unlike a website, printed brochures, TV commercials or billboards, the sales presentation is where the rubber meets the road in business. When giving a presentation, the sales person meets the client, engages, persuades, and hopefully closes the deal. Born out of years of building presentations for sales teams, we learned how important presentations are and how sales people really use them.  What we discovered was that every presentation we built had to do three things: be reliable, be engaging and tell the story clearly.

In the fast-paced world of design and technology services – where small businesses zoom to prominence and fade out just as fast – it’s rare to find a company with the longevity of Sales Graphics. For over 50 years and three generations of the Chevalier family, Sales Graphics has consistently:

  • Delivered design excellence, innovative technology and the utmost value
  • Provided the highest level of service
  • Stayed ahead of the competition
  • Inspired the confidence it takes to make every meeting a success

Founded in 1954 by George Chevalier, Sr., Sales Graphics first rose to prominence by delivering high-end, hand-lettered presentations and sales boards. Ever leading the way in new presentation technology, the company quickly graduated to using 35mm slides. In 1968, George, Sr.’s son, also named George, joined the company, bringing with him a passion for new technology and a commitment to groundbreaking design. Today, George, Jr. leads a team of dedicated and talented presentation designers, writers and producers who all share his commitment to creating great presentations.


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