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As tablets fly off the shelves businesses are rushing to put iPads into the hands of sales and marketing teams. 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies are now testing or utilizing the iPad, but when it comes to security many businesses may be putting trade secrets at risk.

A recent infographic by Confident Technologies explains tablet users’ most common vulnerabilities, including most people’s decision not to password protect their device and the fact that 66 percent of users keep themselves perpetually logged into applications.

Most app developers look at these vulnerabilities and blame the user, but we have a different perspective. At Sales Graphics we look beyond security ideals to examine exactly how people actually use their devices.  This closes the gap between perception and reality, allowing us to create a presentation software that doesn’t leave presentations vulnerable, even when devices are left unlocked.

How Sales Graphics Keeps Your Presentations Secure

When teams send presentations over the Internet they often deal in clunky files or cloud-only services. Both mediums are only as secure as the passwords that protect them, but in the world of iPads where more than half of users are always logged in, this could create significant vulnerabilities. Sales Graphics solves this problem with secure URLs.

These URLs create weightless sharing for intended recipients, feedback showing how engaged users are with specific presentation slides, and security by changing every five minutes. Even if an employee’s iPad is left unlocked and unprotected, presentations won’t end up in unwanted hands.

Proximo PresentationThis year Proximo (the brand behind 1800 Tequila, Three Olives Vodka, Hangar One Vodka, and more) made a huge splash at their annual sales meeting. The privately-owned spirits company called on Sales Graphics to take their presentations to the next level with a solution that looks phenomenal and works great.

We responded with a product that brought the audience to their feet. Statistics based video animations built substance for the spirits brand while graphics referencing the brand’s advertising campaigns provided pop and personality with special appearances from the Three Olives animated cowboy, and much more.

The life of Proximo’s newfound presentation design coupled with high-performance presentation technology created the perfect recipe for Proximo’s presentation’s in 2012. Since CustomShow software works across sales teams and operating systems, our presentation software helped put iPads into the hands of Proximo’s entire marketing team. Pre-loaded presentations gave every iPad holder instantaneous access to presentation creative, providing consistency for sales reps across the country. Updates are simple on iOS and Windows, meaning the days of hard-to-transfer presentations that don’t render right are over. In fact, in CustomShow version control is automatic and updating to new iterations is as simple as a single click.

This new convenience and portability lets Proximo’s sales team present instantly, on demand, and regardless of whether or not they have an Internet connection. 2012 is sure to be a good year for Proximo, as they propel ahead with effective presentations crafted at the intersection of technology and design.

To read more about the Proximo case study and view a snippet of the animated presentation we created for the spirits brand, check out their spot in the Sales Graphics Presentation Portfolio.

We’re getting ready to launch our first infographic on iPad presentations, but to make it happen we need your help. Please take the next two minutes to answer the questions in our short, two page survey.

Your quick contribution will inform presenters on the state of the industry in an entertaining way. Plus, we’ll send you the completed infographic after the research is tallied and graphic design has put on the finishing touches.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to releasing this infographic to the public.

Click Here to Take the Survey

As 80 percent of businesses reach for the iPad, Apple is making serious B2B strides. The introduction of their Business App Volume Purchasing Program delivers exciting opportunities for not only CustomShow, but for every apps oriented business in existence.

For the first time businesses like ours can host our apps in a private, business only environment. Unlike the previous model where CustomShow had to live alongside other presentation apps open to the public, we now have the flexibility to create a custom site for clients.

This means a more custom experience, volume pricing, and the ability to deal with app purchasing for an unlimited number of employees through a common business account.

Apple’s new webpage for the program reads:

Whether you’re providing apps to two employees or ten thousand, the Volume Purchase Program makes it simple to find, buy, and distribute the apps your business needs.

The Volume Purchase Program also provides a way to purchase custom B2B apps built by third-party developers to meet the unique needs of your business.

Watch for us in Apple’s new, customized business environment soon, as this is just one of many updates expected for our presentation app in the Fall of 2011.

Click on the image above to see a sample Bravo presentation in action.

Three years ago the television industry had a realization and Bravo was one of the first to make it a reality. Industry presentations didn’t need to look like static and dreary PowerPoints and the experience of watching an upfront sales presentation could rival that of catching a few highlights from the Real Housewives Reunion. With one quick sweep the network rid themselves of flat, print-like PowerPoints and traded the old ways of presentation management for a type of mobility that was unprecedented within the company.

When we delivered engaging motion graphics and polished creative to Bravo, we connected them to our presentation software, CustomShow. This gave their sales and marketing team the capability to edit our professionally designed presentations from anywhere without having to deal with the version control issues that are so common amongst larger companies. Individual sales people retained editorial control but when company wide updates are necessary all it takes is a single change in the master slide library and the entire company has instant access to the newest and most up-to-date numbers.

As business moves ever faster, this kind of instant update is crucial. It’s also a game changer because it lets sales people move away from the drudgery of constantly sending large files back and forth, and instead lets them spend more time focusing on making the sale. For Bravo it was perfect, and the benefits only extended further when the network decided to buy the sales team iPads.

While others were trying to figure out how to sync Keynote presentation videos to the iPad, Bravo downloaded the CustomShow App and reaped the benefits of being one of the first to deliver motion-filled professional presentations on a device that’s today’s mark of innovation. CustomShow lets Bravo move fluidly across Macs, PCs, tablets and the Web, helping them build business development opportunities for the network across all their platforms.

With our technology Bravo can go everywhere, but what’s more important is that regardless of what comes next, our team will be ready with creative solutions for new innovations in business.

A new study released by pharmaceutical marketing agency Intouch Solutions® Inc unveils a few formulaic points that will help pharmaceutical sales representatives cater to the preferences of doctors. The big takeaway: physicians prefer the iPad.

This study in conjunction with the fact that the medical app market doubled to become a $84.1 million industry in 2010 signals a significant pivot point in how pharmaceutical marketers should think about reaching healthcare providers. The entire industry is shifting digital and marketers will benefit by mirroring the industry transformation taking place.

As an increasing number of doctors adopt smartphone and tablet technology for their own use, their desire to be communicated to in the same way is rising. Amongst the 100 physicians surveyed in the study, 8 out of 10 doctors said that digital detailing is the same as or superior to paper-based visual aids.

Younger doctors showed an especially strong preference for receiving drug specific presentations via the iPad, indicating an increasing demand for iPads in the industry. As pharma brands figure out how to transition to the tablet, they should consider presentation solutions that make it easy to present with the iPad.

Case studies reflect that sales teams that take advantage of CustomShow save 30 minutes per presentation, meaning increased productivity in even the most time strapped environment. At the same time, the easy transition between lockable and editable slides makes it easy to adhere to industry standards along the way. Contact us to see what CustomShow is all about.

In the midst of diagrams and bullet points it’s easy to forget, but in the board room the presentation is the product. Of course facts and figures are a part of the complete picture, but any good sales person would agree that coming as close as possible to reproducing the actual product is indispensable to making the sale.

That’s what ESPN The Magazine kept in mind when they made the leap to Sales Graphics and CustomShow. The magazine armed their entire sales team with professional presentations but didn’t stop there. Instead of sending them into the field with still images of ad units, they used our design services to animate the look and feel of even the most complicated paper fold. This is the power of CustomShow.

Sales Graphics, unlike other professional design services, provided ESPN The Magazine with animation while allowing them maintain total control over wording and content. Backgrounds could move and ad units in motion illuminated the power of advertising with the magazine, but all the research and copy remained easily editable on both Macs and PCs.

CustomShow also allows ESPN The Magazine to publish the presentation to iPads. When it comes time to update or make changes across the sales team everything updates quickly and easily, but only when each presenter believes the time is right. In other words, CustomShow solves the problem of dealing with an entire fleet of presentation decks without forcing updates on the sales team right when they’re walking into their next meeting.

In the end CustomShow delivered the flexibility of a do it yourself presentation option while maintaining the look and feel of a professional solution. ESPN The Magazine was delighted. In fact, here’s what they wrote afterward:

Just wanted to drop a note to say that your team did a fantastic job on the ESPN The Magazine deck. We are really pleased with the results and the presentation really helps the magazine stand out. Besides it looking great, the presentation also worked flawlessly on our computers and that was a huge win for us.”

A recent story from the Financial Post made it official.  More than 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies are either using or testing the iPad.  IT departments everywhere are trying to give their organizations an edge by putting tablets in the hands of sales teams, but Apple’s own presentation software Keynote just isn’t making the cut.  Here’s why.

You, like many, may have switched to Keynote in an attempt to gain an aesthetic edge over the rest of your competing corporate storytellers.  If you’re part of one of the many companies that does business on PCs though, you already know that the transition to Keynote may be partially in vain.

Of course Keynote looks great from a design perspective, but pushing sales presentations over to Powerpoint presents more than a few issues.  Keynote files are too bulky to email, videos don’t transfer, Keynote doesn’t play on the web, and some Keynote templates are completely error ridden when they make the switch to Powerpoint.  The challenges are endless, and Keynote just isn’t portable.  It might be a good solution if you’re one person with one Mac, but if you’re managing an entire sales team, forget about it.

Remember that bulky Keynote file we talked about before?  It’s still a factor that’s making it almost impossible to transfer that killer presentation to the iPad when the time comes.  Of course you could try to email a 500MB file to yourself, but if you’ve been in business long enough you know that even the early Palm Pilots only held 8MB total and most email services still don’t transfer files that big.  The only other option is syncing your iPad with iTunes, but when we’re talking entire sales teams this is close to impossible.

Even after you’ve managed to make the transfer you have to retrieve the video manually and hope that all the data sets are correct right on down to every last word.  After all, making a change means going through the entire process over again.

So what’s the answer for presentation management on the iPad?  Where are the IT and sales teams for those 80 Fortune 100 companies going to turn?  Some will stick with the process, never knowing that they can update their data sets automatically without recreating entire presentations.  Others have yet to find us, but the innovators who are already here know.  CustomShow was built for the kind of on the run portability that keeps business ahead of the curve.  If you want to give it a try we’re ready.

It’s been several months since we released our CustomShow iPad app, and we’ve been receiving terrific feedback from our customers. Here are a few success stories we’ve heard:

“Our presentations look beautiful on the iPad!” “The iPad makes it easy to catch someone in a hallway or a restaurant and give them a quick pitch.” “Twice in the past few weeks I have pitched people with our iPad app and they’ve said, ‘I dont normally do this but I’m going to say yes right here in this meeting. We’re definitely going to purchase from you.’ It’s an amazing sales tool and it’s delivering results.” Here are some of the key benefits we built into the app:

  • Presentations to look great because of the iPad’s glossy screen and quick response times.
  • People can present with or without a network connection, because WiFi and even 3G are often unavailable or slow .
  • Presentations to update themselves when new versions are published, so people never need to worry if they’re using the correct slides.
  • One person or department can easily manage presentations on hundreds (or even thousands) of iPads.
  • Our iPad app supports a projector or second screen for larger meetings.

Download the CustomShow app from iTunes here, and you can find more info on our site. We look forward to hearing about your experience.

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